When cooking with fat or oil, always have a container with baking soda next to the stove to pour over any flame that ignites on the stove.

Wear protective gloves to pick up hot pans and pots.

Unplug any electrical appliance when not in use.

Cook on the back burners, not the front burners.

Store flammable products away from the oven and stove, even better, out of the kitchen!

Secure the oven door so that children do not open it and use it as a ladder to reach the burners.

Cook in pans, pots, or saucepans that have handles.

Flip pot handles inward.

Feed young children away from the stove, without long tablecloths or placemats that they can pull.

Consume hot liquids without having children next to or on top of you.

Put protectors on the stove knobs.

Place babies in high chairs or playpens away from the stove.

Use lids when cooking hot splashing products.

Place jugs, tureens or electrical appliances with hot liquids away from the edge of the table or counter.