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Felipe Baptiste

Lawyer from Los Andes University, with a Master's Degree in Finances from the University of Cambridge U.A.M., Master´s degree in Marketing Management from los Andes University and MBA from Francisco de Vitoria University – Senior Management Business School (Spain). He has more than 20 years of experience in general management of companies from different economic industries, highlighting the Presidency of the Country Clinic and the Corral Group. Active member of several nonprofit organizations in Colombia.

Guido Sacconi

30 years of experience in Advertising, Marketing, Sales, Strategy, New Business and Consulting. He began his career at BBDO Advertising where he worked in the creative and account areas managing clients such as Pepsi, Sony and Gillette. Later he held the position of Marketing Manager of Continental Airlines for the Andean Region, expanded his experience to a new sector leading the Marketing area for McDonald's Colombia and later worked as a Director in the areas of Marketing, Sales and Strategy for the North Latin America region in Monsanto Colombia and then in Monsanto Mexico as New Business Leader. In a next stage he served as Marketing Director of Virgin Mobile in Colombia and currently works as a Consultant for different companies in the areas of Marketing, Sales, Innovation and Transformation and in the creation of new independent business.

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Dra. Jennifer Gaona

Jennifer is a plastic, aesthetic and reconstructive surgeon from the Pontificia Universidad Javeriana in Colombia. During her training she had the opportunity to do her rotations in United States hospitals such as the TISCH HOSPITAL and the MEETH HOSPITAL of New York University. She completed her fellowship in craniofacial surgery at UCLA with Dr. Kamawoto in Los Angeles. Her interest for burn survivors started while rotating at UCLA Hospital’s burn unit in Los Angeles. After completing her specialization in Colombia, she started working at the Hospital Simon Bolivar in its burn unit, where she was in charge of burnt patients.
That same interest of offering a better management to patients with needs of cutaneous coverage, led her to develop a way to create skin through cell cultures. Together with two other plastic surgeons Keraderm was founded, a lab of cellular cultures that provide skin coverage to patients with wounds of any etiology. At the same time her interest of creating a foundation that would support burnt survivors arises. This way, an integral rehabilitation could be provided and the emotional and psychological recovery could be facilitated. Currently Jennifer practices as a plastic surgeon at the Police Hospital, as Scientific Director of Keraderm, in her private practice and volunteers at Operation Smile.

María Luisa Flores

She studied Interior Design in Caracas and has worked as an actress, model, and tv host for more than 20 years in countries such as Japan, Italy, France, Germany, Mexico, Colombia, United States and Venezuela.
She has worked with directors such as Zack Snyder, Lana Wachowski, Luis Mandoki and Fina Torres.
She was the image of brands such as YSL, BMW, Motorolla, Samsung, Toyota, Nissan, Pantene, Sedal, Bacardi, Ellesse, Intimisimi, Triumph, Touche, Onda de Mar, Fornarina and Studio F among many others. She was represented by agencies such as Woman Milano, Metropolitan Paris, Elite Miami and Louisa Models.
She tv host for Sun Channel and as an actress she has worked for Telemundo, HBO Latam, Netflix, Caracol and RCN. Gastronomic entrepreneur, creator of Malú Restaurante and specialist in Mediterranean cuisine. Following an accident in which she suffered burns in 2010, she decided to create the Inti Foundation of which she is one of its Founders and the Director of Public Relations.

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Adriana Liévano

In 1992, when Adriana was 14 years old, she suffered an accident at home with an alcohol stove. This accident left her with first, second, and third degree burns in different parts of her body. She had to face a long process of physical and psychological rehabilitation. Because of this experience and the infinite love that she received, Adriana decided to study Psychology to help other people who needed the emotional support she had during her own recovery. In one of life’s turns, she ended up working as an Organizational Psychologist, the field that she worked in for 14 years.
Since her teenage years, Adriana felt a profound desire and compromise to help other people who had suffered burns but, it wasn’t until 2014 that her dream became a reality when she joined another two wonderful women to create The INTI Foundation. Now, she can help more people who share her same experience.

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Andrés Rico

Through a longstanding career in top consulting including McKinsey and Co, Mercer, IDB he has provided support to large corporations, multilateral organizations, NGO’s and Family Businesses in 20 different industries in Latam, North America and Europe. He has been recognized as a problem solver from the simple aspects to the complex issues pertaining leadership and organizational development. Venturing into supporting thousands of underprivileged entrepreneurs who went from job seekers to job creators. I am convinced that leadership capabilities result in the fundamentals of creating better individuals, better companies and a better future. Convinced that technology can democratize several otherwise non- accessible services I have created a revolutionary app that supports individuals achieving their dreams.

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Dr. Rolando Prada

Plastic Surgeon
Craniofacial Surgery Coordinator of the Fundación Universitaria de Ciencias de la Salud, Bogotá
Professor of Plastic Surgery at the San José Children's Hospital University
Plastic Surgeon of the Fundación Santa Fe Foundation, Bogotá

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Dr. Juan Carlos Zambrano

Head of Plastic Surgery at San Ignacio University Hospital
Director of the Postgraduate Course in Plastic Surgery at Pontificia Universidad Javeriana
Professor of Plastic Surgery at the San José Children's Hospital
Co-Director at SAPS ACADEMY
Co-Editor of SAPS Journal
Fellow in Reconstructive Breast Surgery at Sant Pau Hospital, Barcelona
Fellow in Maxillofacial Surgery at LMU München
Microsurgeon of the UAB Barcelona
Master of Science with Emphasis Immunology PUJ
PhD Candidate for Surgical Sciences at UAB

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Lupi Herrera

Psychologist, film and TV director, with 27 years of experience in the design and implementation of communication, marketing and social mobilization strategies. Due to her roll of Director of the Presidential Program for Action against Antipersonnel Mines, she was awarded with the OAS Medal of Merit. As the Director of the Colombia Youth Presidential Program, she promoted the country's youth policy, the youth law and CONPES. For more than 11 years she managed the branding and communications area of UNICEF and was a strategic communications consultant in projects with the OEI, the OAS, the United Nations, Batuta, País Libre among other organizations. She created the +Arte-Minas campaign among many others of great national and international impact. She was the Manizales Theater Festival Manager and Head of the Commercial Division of Telecafé. She has been the creative director of communications and advertising for different companies, she has a long career as director of different audiovisual projects. Currently in her company “Los 5 de la Quinta”, she carries out educational and communication work for the Andes University and Gato Dumas, produces materials for companies such as Avianca, Volvo, Peugeot, Semana and Grupo Energía.