INTI Foundation

The INTI Foundation is created because each one of its Founders has been touched and exposed one way or another in their personal experiences, to the subject of burns. Two of them accidentally suffered this scourge in their own flesh, which profoundly transformed their lives and completely changed their vision of the world.
The third founder, is a renowned plastic surgeon who has focused much of her professional career in an altruistic way, to rehabilitate female victims of acid burns due to violence and many other people who have accidentally burned.

After seeing the growing acid attacks, which after Pakistan, make Colombia the second country in the world with the highest rate of this type of violence and knowing that it is a country with a high rate of burned people; these three women decide to join forces, their experiences and their hearts to make a difference and give life to the INTI Foundation. Through this, they have created a comprehensive and holistic support system for the rehabilitation and reconstruction of the lives of those who have been exposed to burns of any etiology.